Permanent Placement for Nurses, Therapists & other Medical Professionals
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When you have healthcare or home health staffing needs, we put our full effort into obtaining the just-right candidates for you.


Our vectors are aligned–we win when you win.  You tell us your wish list and let us focus on finding it for you.


Our mission is to match healthcare employers and medical professionals whose attributes are the perfect complement.

Helping you achieve your Ideal Employment Scene

Permanent Placement for Physical Therapists, Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals

Pinnacle Rehab Staffing LLC is owned and operated by medical professionals. Our basic purpose is to make the job/candidate search process easier, and the outcome better, than a company or candidate could do on their own. We seek to create a higher level of happiness and prosperity for both the employers and medical professionals we work with, and thereby the patients they serve, by moving each of them closer to their ideal employment scene. Our services apply to a variety of fields and types of healthcare companies. For example, we place Registered Nurses, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Home Health Staff, Chiropractors, Dentists, and healthcare Managers, from Connecticut down the eastern seaboard to Florida, across to California, and anywhere in between.

How It Works
Work is seven tenths of one’s waking hours; therefore, being satisfied with one’s employment plays a big part in one’s overall happiness. When a medical professional explains their ideal, they are telling us what would align their job with the other pieces of their life and goals. We aim to help them attain those priorities, whether it be a lesser commute, a more flexible schedule, a higher pay, better benefits, a more team oriented environment, a more ethical environment, a change of setting, a new challenge, job security, their ideal amount of hours or whatever other priorities they seek. By moving a medical professional closer to their ideal scene we increase their potential for happiness. By helping our clients find exact candidates that align with their plans and goals, we can also move them closer to their ideal and thereby bring about greater ease, expansion, and prosperity for them. Let us rehab your staffing scene.