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"My recruiter was a terrific professional and emotional support during the ups and downs of job hunting. She listened to what I was looking for and sent me on relevant, appropriate interviews. What I liked about the service was the fact that they LISTENED and were REALLY interested in helping!! I would absolutely recommend them because when you are job hunting, it is important to have someone to actually listen to your needs and take the time to work with you on the things you are looking for."
M. Zmijewski Collins, RPT


We are at the pinnacle

Pinnacle Rehab Staffing, LLC is a medical professional owned and operated company that helps healthcare employers and medical professionals achieve their ideal employment scene by matching up medical professionals and healthcare employers that are the perfect complement to each other. We specialize in permanent staffing as that is that is the way to best help our companies achieve stability and therefore growth and profitability.   We have an unmatched success record because we search for candidates and employers based on their respective needs and wants.  We shoot for the ideal scene for each, and therefore we are the ideal scene in finding a position or locating a healthcare professional.



To help people and groups by providing the needed and wanted requested by both healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations so that both parties align, and thereby empower organizations to generate positive motion toward expanding their business and helping more patients.  And doing so, attain prosperity on a financial level and the feeling achieved when you’ve truly helped someone.



The various drives behind our goal:

For our Clients:  To help our clients to find and hire staff that fit their needs and wants so that they can attain stability, profitability, and growth. 

For our Candidates:  To make our candidates known to the clients in a way that gives the candidate the best chance possible of getting an interview, to make the interviewing process as smooth and quick as possible, and to attain the best outcome possible, with the end goal of helping our candidates procure positions that align with their needs and wants.

For our Business:  To help our business expand and prosper in an ever-widening sphere.

For Ourselves and Our Families:  To achieve a work set up that aligns with the other components of our lives, that furnishes exchange in an amount that enables us to be reaching our personal goals, and that provides a game in which we have fun playing and are proud to be a part of.