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Our mission to match healthcare employers and medical professionals whose desires and attributes are a good complement.
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"Pinnacle Rehab Staffing helped me to see the benefit of one verses the other. You shared with me very valid and sound judgement in regards to hours, pay, benefits... You shared the overall spirit and mission of the potential hiring facility as well as the spirit and desires of the employee. I felt that you had a sense of where I was trying to go and was able to provide me with a fit that would be beneficial to myself and the facility."
L. Harrison, PTA


Our goals and purposes

Our Goal (What we aim for):
Our game as a recruiter is to move both our clients and the medical professionals we work with closer to their ideal employment scene. We do this by finding out the ideal for both our candidates and clients and then matching up candidates and employers that are the perfect complement to each other’s needs and wants. We only place candidates in positions that are mutually beneficial to both the client and candidate. This is true whether we are staffing physical therapy jobs in Connecticut (Meriden or anywhere in the state), physical therapy travel jobs in Worcester, MA or anywhere in New England and the entire eastern seaboard from Maine to Florida. It is equally true for other professionals, such as occupational therapists, nursing supervisors for Skilled Nursing Facilities or MDS nurses.

Our Purpose (Why we exist and the driving force behind our work):
Work is seven tenths of one’s waking hours. Therefore, being satisfied with your employment scene plays a big role in one’s overall happiness. We seek to create a higher level of happiness and prosperity for both our clients and candidates, and thereby the patient’s they serve, by moving healthcare employers and medical professionals closer to their ideal employment scene. Helping to make the job search/candidate search process easier ,and the result better than one could do on their own, is the purpose of our company.

Our Vision (What we envision being in the future):
To be the best way to search for a new job, to be the best company to go to in order to find candidates, and to be the best employer that our internal staff has ever worked for.

Always Aiming High

At Pinnacle Rehab Staffing, we are idealists. We shoot for your ideal scene and consistently succeed in bringing medical professionals and employers closer to their ideal scene. We believe that if you shoot for the moon, you might land on a star. It is worth your effort and ours to bring you closer to your ideal employment scene.