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How To Land The Right Physical Therapist Job in Tampa Florida

Looking for a new position as a physical therapist anywhere can seem daunting at times. While you know you have the experience and knowledge to provide the right level of care for your patients, finding a practice or facility that has an opening suited to your talents isn’t easy to do on your own. Using a staffing firm to help you find a physical therapist job in Tampa Florida can help you find the right position without going through all the steps of a job hunt on your own.

Help with the Job Hunt

A staffing firm will gather up leads for open positions in the Tampa, Florida area to determine which might be the right match for you. This means less time spent on job boards or in employment offices trying to locate a medical practice or hospital that might have a position available. Since the staffing firm’s personnel is tasked with staying up-to-date on all area job openings, you will never miss a potential perfect match for your career.

Information on Potential Employers

When looking for a job, it is just as essential that you are happy with the new employer as it is for the new employer to be happy with you. A good staffing firm will provide you with a company profile for each potential employer so you can see how each company’s business practices, vision, and mission fits with your own personal ideals.

Assistance with Job Interview Preparation

In some cases, you might not be sure what to expect from a job interview. If you just got your degree, or if you are looking for a physical therapist position outside of a traditional office setting, preparing for an interview can be difficult. A high quality staffing firm can answer any questions you might have and provide advice to help you get ready to land the big job.

Getting the Salary that Meets Your Needs

Negotiating salary is possibly the most stressful part about finding a job. You don’t want to sell yourself short, but you also don’t want to ask for so much that the employer is turned off by your salary requirements. When you find employment through a staffing firm, much of the negotiation process is handled for you. Here are a few things that the firm will discuss with potential employers on your behalf:

  • Salary
  • Vacation time
  • Health benefits
  • Personal days
  • Preferred shifts
  • Living expense stipend (for traveling therapists)


Finding the right physical therapist job in Tampa Florida is much easier when you have a team of experts on your side helping you through the process. A medical professional staffing firm can give you the edge you need to get the job you want.

Are There Physical Therapist Jobs in Meriden CT?

Are you thinking of relocating to Meriden, CT, but want to assess the job situation before you make your decision? Meriden, CT physical therapist jobs exist because of a unique variety of components. Read on to learn why this may be the perfect place for you.

Older Population

Meriden is an older city. It was incorporated in 1867. Today it holds approximately 2,452 people per square mile. That’s almost 60,000 people in one city. Why does the age of the city matter? Because the older families tend to stay in one place, sometimes for life. That means that physical therapist positions treating older people exist in different settings. If you would like a Meriden, CT therapist job in geriatric care, you are going to have a lot of options.


17 trains come through Meriden. They aren’t passenger trains. This is an area where a lot of manufacturing positions exist. That means there is a call for physical therapist positions to tend to people who get hurt on the job. If this is an area you are comfortable with, then this might be the best place for you.


Located close to the Quinnipa River as well as hills and mountains, adventure is just a shirt ride away in Meriden. Of course adventure often brings an element of danger with it. Otherwise people wouldn’t be so anxious to try it. Someone is going to have to pick up the pieces and help people when adventure turns to disaster and long term consequences are a reality. If you are looking for physical therapist jobs that offer variety and a distinct challenge toward progress, there is an opening just waiting for you.

Where there are people there is a need for physical therapy. Whether the issue is born of age, adventure, or rushing through a busy day at work, people need physical therapy. You may as well be the one to give it to them. The population alone speaks of a need for the services you can provide. When you add in the other elements, the work is almost guaranteed. One of the great things about an area like this is that if you get tired of working with one particular setting or group of people it isn’t hard to move on to another one. You might even try your hand at a temporary physical therapist position to learn which demographic you prefer to work with.

How to Ace Your Physical Therapist Job Interview

Nailing a job interview takes preparation and practice, and landing a physical therapist job requires a little extra work. You’ll need to be prepared to answer industry-specific questions, so be sure you are ready to face whatever the interviewer sends your way. Here are some quick and easy tips to help you get your dream job as a physical therapist.

Arrive Early and Prepared

Have your paperwork filled out and ready if an application is required. You’ll also want to bring along work references or any other documents that might put you ahead of the competition. Be sure to arrive 15 minutes early for your interview. This will show that you are responsible, and it will give you a bit of time to familiarize yourself with the surroundings of the office.

Have Work Examples Ready

You’ll likely be asked questions about any difficult cases you’ve faced in the past. Be prepared to talk about different experiences you’ve had in your previous physical therapy jobs. If you are applying after graduation, you can discuss case studies and experiences you had during your internships to help the interviewer get a better understanding of your talent and experience.

Stay Friendly

Job interviews can be stressful, but staying positive and upbeat can go a long way. Smile, make eye contact, and maintain a friendly disposition throughout the interview. The person interviewing you will take note of your ability to stay calm and kind under pressure. These are key attributes needed to be a successful physical therapist, and your interviewer will be looking to see if you can remain friendly even when answering tough questions.

Talk About Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Interviewers love to ask these questions, so be prepared with answers ahead of time. Coming up with strengths is easy, but identifying your weaknesses can be trickier. You should be genuine, so don’t respond with something like, "my biggest weakness is that I care too much." Be honest. Is there a certain type of therapy you struggle with? Talk about it and the steps you are taking to become better at it.

When looking for a physical therapist job, it’s important to stay confident and friendly, and to come prepared. While your interview will be like other interviews in many ways, you will need to have specific answers about your field and experience. Knowing how to handle these questions ahead of time will position you for success and can help you land that big job.

The Benefits of Being a Physical Therapist

Physical therapy is a rewarding career with plenty of great benefits. For someone just finishing school or getting ready to enter the job market, there are many job opportunities available. Here are just a few of the benefits that await you as you search for your next position as a physical therapist.

Helping Others

Whether you specialize in helping patients get through rehab after an illness or injury, or you focus on helping children with disabilities gain mobility, each workday will be filled with patients you can help to lead a better life. You’ll share in the joy as someone takes their first steps after an accident, and you’ll see the smiles on the faces of kids who learn how to do something they never could before. As a physical therapist, you can help people unlock the mysteries of mobility.

Job Security

While some careers see demand for positions rise and fall, physical therapists enjoy great job security. Even if you decide to switch to a new practice or move across the country, you’ll never have a hard time finding physical therapist positions. You can use a physical therapist staffing firm to help you land the job that is perfect for you.

Job Setting Flexibility

Physical therapists can find jobs in a wide variety of settings. Jobs can be found in hospitals, schools, gyms, spas, rehabilitation facilities, and many other locations. This gives you the flexibility to look for physical therapist positions that fit your specialty or that fit the setting you feel most comfortable working in every day.

Job Mobility

Physical therapists are in demand throughout the US and around the world. You can find physical therapist locations in virtually every major city, so you can enjoy the freedom that comes with having a job that can take you anywhere in the world. A high quality staffing firm can help you move from one location to the next by helping you secure a position before you relocate. You may even want to consider taking temporary positions around the world so you can travel while enjoying all the benefits of your job.

Being a physical therapist is a rewarding and challenging career. With great benefits, job security, and flexibility, you can customize your career to fit your needs and personal goals. Be sure to find a great staffing firm that can help you find physical therapist positions that are perfect for you.

Interesting Practice Settings for Physical Therapists

Physical therapists play a big role in managing different conditions—patients and physicians require their help constantly. When people need a physical therapist, they want someone who is willing to take a “hands on” approach and can work efficiently in a variety of settings. Physical therapist jobs in Meriden, CT require typical tasks like observing patients and creating an action plan to diminish pain and restore functionality. However, for physical therapists who prefer a change in scenery, consider these physical therapist jobs.
Physical Therapist Practice Settings
Many physical therapists work in hospitals, but a large percentage of physical therapists practice their skills in other settings.
Private practice: This is a typical physical therapy setting. A private practice includes work in a clinic, a medical office or a health care facility. Often, these physical therapist jobs include addressing musculoskeletal and neuromuscular impairments. 
Short term acute care: In this setting the physical therapist provides hospital patients with short-term acute care for illnesses, surgery recovery, and trauma. For this PT, the goal is to stabilize the patient for safe discharge.
Extended care:  With extended care, a physical therapist gives individuals admitted to a medical facility long term care. This usually includes elderly patients and other long term care situations.
School practice: Some therapist jobs are set in an education setting, including high school, preschools and vocational schools.
Sports fitness: Many physical therapist jobs in Meriden, CT have an emphasis on sports fitness. Sometimes these jobs are in fitness centers and sports training facilities. The physical therapist can also find jobs that support healthy lifestyle programs. This kind of position places the focus on prevention.
Hospice care: A physical therapist in this setting cares for patients who are in the final phases of an incurable disease or condition. The therapist’s job includes helping the patient preserve functional abilities.  
Occupational and workplace environments: Here, the therapist’s goal is to help clients regain mobility and strength so that they may return to work. They may also assist in promoting workplace health and a healthy lifestyle for employees.
Research work:  A professional physical therapist conducts and assists with research to improve patient care results and verifies the body of knowledge in the physical therapy field.
Physical therapist positions come in a wide variety of settings.  When looking for a change of scenery or wanting to practice in a new and exciting way, consider one of these interesting work environments.

Physical Therapist Jobs in Tampa, Florida

Ranked by Forbes as the 5th best outdoor US city, physical therapist jobs in Tampa, FL are varied and plentiful. While there is a competitive marketplace concerning this type of healthcare job, qualified candidates can find exciting work in southern Florida. Salaries range depending on certification levels and experience.

Typical Responsibilities of Physical Therapist Jobs

When applying for employment at a physical therapist job in Tampa, FL, applicants may be required to fulfill these responsibilities.

  • Evaluating the needs of patients
  • Creating therapy plans
  • Working closely with physicians and managers
  • Supervising aides
  • Familiarity with standards and procedures


In the role of a physical therapist, the employee analyzes and cares for people of all ages with medical problems and conditions. A therapist evaluates, diagnoses dysfunction and determines interventions for patient treatment.  Sometimes the work can be physically demanding but it is also very satisfying for dedicated therapists.
You Can Make a Difference
As a physical therapist, the worker sees patients one on one and can monitor them through the entire course of treatment. Whether the patient’s problem is a result of an injury, accident or disease, the therapist is a rehab specialist who’s chief task is to assist the patient’s return to functionality. Therapists often work with patients to reverse mobility loss and develop a fitness program for a healthier lifestyle.
Become a Movement Expert
Physical therapist positions give the rehab specialist an opportunity to put what they’ve learned to the test. As educated experts in the functioning and mobility of the human body, this type of role gives the applicant occasions to review what they have learned.  Physical therapy is a crucial component of client care. From mobilization therapy to electrotherapy, the physical therapist in Tampa, FL has many therapy treatments available for use in patient care.
Get Excited About Work
Of course, helping people is its own reward, watching a client walk again or enjoy life because of greater mobility is just a few reasons to love a Tampa physical therapy job. This type of position has the potential to offer a high level of personal satisfaction. According to recent polling, a physical therapist job is one of the most rewarding, at least according to the people polled.

A physical therapist in Tampa, FL has the opportunity to work with people of all ages and in a wide range of work environments including schools, private practices and fitness centers. Start today and begin the search for a new and exciting career.

Roles of a Physical Therapist in Tampa Florida

As you browse physical therapist positions in Tampa, you may notice that there is a high number of open positions for senior care. If this is the demographic you wanted to serve in the first place, then all you really need to do is choose the senior care facility that is right for you. Florida is a common place for people to go when they retire, so these types of positions are virtually unlimited. However, you might want to consider some of the other roles that physical therapist positions in Tampa offer.

Traveling Therapist

There are a couple of different types of positions for traveling physical therapists. In some cases you are on call in a specific area. You are employed through an agency that will call you on an as needed basis. This is a great option for those who want to see what’s out there before settling in one place. Some assignments will be long term while others may only be for a day or two.

Hospitals and Clinics

Hospitals and specialized clinics in Tampa often have a physical therapist on staff. Some of the patients are inpatient and are waiting to reach specific mile markers before they can be discharged. These patients are frequently the ones who have suffered acute injuries and are trying to recover from these severe injuries. You can expect to deal with issues like paralysis due to injury or illness.

These facilities usually offer outpatient services as well. Your clients are likely to be more mobile than the inpatient clients. In some cases they are dealing with injuries or a chronic illness, but are able to manage on their own outside of the facility.

Mental Health

One of the physical therapist jobs you may not have considered is in the mental health field. When it comes to mental health and physical therapy, the service is usually provided to a group rather than an individual. From time to time you may provide services to an individual who happens to have physical issues but is receiving mental health care on an inpatient basis.

Think Outside the Box

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to physical therapist jobs in Tampa. Look for the one that suits your particular interests so that you will be happier and keep the job longer than a position you aren’t really interested in at all.

Use our application form for assistance in finding a Physical Therapist position

Questions to Ask Before Taking a Physical Therapist Position in Meriden Connecticut

As soon as you are certified as a physical therapist in Connecticut you are going to start looking for work. You’ve put in the time and effort to get the training you need for the job. Now you want to apply that knowledge and start earning back some of the money that your education cost you. Should you jump at the first job you are offered in Meriden, CT? Probably not.

One of the biggest mistakes that new professionals make is taking the first job that is offered to them. It’s better to keep looking for a position that has at least most of what you are looking for in a new job. Otherwise you may not perform your best because you aren’t happy or you may end up going through multiple jobs before finally landing the one you want. By then you may have developed a reputation for a short stay as an employee and may not be as marketable to future employers. Instead, ask the questions below before you take a job.

  1. Is tuition reimbursement offered? If you want to take your physical therapist job to the next level, more education may be required. Learn about funding options before you take a position. Many employers offer tuition reimbursement. If this is something you need, then it’s something to consider before taking a job.
  2. Is the location ideal? In order to choose the perfect place from the available physical therapist jobs, you may need to move. If location is your primary concern and you don’t want to move, can you afford the cost of travel? Will it take up too much of your time? You may even find that you prefer to be an a traveling physical therapist.
  3. Is there room for advancement? This goes along with the tuition reimbursement since you normally have to have more educational credentials if you want a higher position. Learn about the policies of the facility you are considering. Look into their hiring trends to learn if they prefer to hire from the outside or advance from within.
  4. What kind of clientele do you prefer to work with? Physical therapist jobs can involve a wide variety of clients. You may have to deal with patients who are frustrated or angry. However, you can avoid specific demographics by taking the right position. For example, if you don’t want to work with the elderly you wouldn’t take a position in a nursing home.

Be sure to give the position a great deal of consideration before you take it. There are plenty of physical therapist jobs so you have some options. Ensuring that you take a position in Meriden that

Places to work as a physical therapist

After graduating as a Physical Therapist (PT) there is no doubt that you know about the human body and how to rehabilitate people. The problem now is finding the right place where to work. There are many potentialities each with their own pros and cons. There is no magical “best” place to work as a PT because it all depends on what is best suited for you.

One person may say that the best place to work is in a private hospital because of the steady and stable work. Another person may say that the best place to work is in your own practice because there can be a much higher salary. The truth is they are both correct: that is the best place to work, but for them. You must take a look at your own interests and preferences to know where you should work.

For working in a hospital you should be in favor or western medicine and other practices of hospitals because you will be in that environment for extended periods of time and will witness many things that happen in your hospital. The hospital will also benefit from your services. In this setting, the chances are that you will work with people in long-term rehabilitation such as amputees and this cannot be a problem for you if you want to work in a hospital. This setting can be very rewarding because you can completely rehabilitate patients who previously thought their lives were over.

For working in a fitness center you must be ready to work with injured athletes that can sometimes be rambunctious. You will generally have younger patients/clients than in a hospital setting and you must know how to make the therapy fun and learn to laugh with your patients. Your job security may lie in how many athletes at the fitness center go and see you for therapy regularly. This kind of work can also be very rewarding because you will put these athletes back on their feet, moving again and doing what they love. This is a faster-paced setting than at a hospital.

For working in a clinic you should expect to have the same kinds of duties as in a hospital such as dealing with critically injured patients but in a smaller setting. You do have the benefit of choosing different kinds of clinics, you can consider working at a holistic health or a natural medicine clinic if you are opposed to modern western medicine practices. One of the benefits of working at both a hospital or a clinic is that all of your marketing is done for you and you only have to show up and do your work.

For working in individual homes you must be ready to deal with patients who simply say “I’m in pain.” You must have the skill to diagnose and help them by yourself. Your ability to make a good impression on that person with good service and good manners can get you referrals by word-of-mouth. In this setting you must be aware that you will need to create your future work, it will not just be given to you.

A good trick to use in deciding where you want to work is asking yourself “What would I feel like working in that environment every working day of the week, every single week?” if you don’t like the idea, you should consider your other options. But if you do like the idea, make sure to write your resume and apply without delay.

How to write your résumé for a hospital

Writing a résumé for a large hospital such as the Yale-New Haven Hospital is vastly different than writing one for a small clinic. First of all, recruiters in large companies generally spend only about 6 ½ seconds looking at a résumé before tossing it or choosing to interview that person (source: research by TheLadders). In a smaller company there are much less applications and so the Human Resources department spends more time reading the résumés that do come in.

If you want to stand out from the crowd in recruiter’s eyes it is vital that you observe the following tips when submitting a résumé online.

Do state that you meet the minimum requirements posted by the hospital in a concise manner. If they say on their website that you must be a graduate from an accredited School of Nursing and must be a currently registered nurse in the State of Connecticut then state that you meet those requirements at the beginning of your resume.

Do not use automated resume builders such as from LiveCareer because they use cookie-cutter text that is repeated thousands of times in different applicant’s résumés. A recruiter that sees hundreds of applications daily will know that you did not write your résumé because it contains the same exact text he just read in another applicant’s résumé. If you are applying for work at a small clinic then you can use these resume builders because the chances are that the employer will not recognize the generic text.

Do proofread your work. If you have a typo in your resume you may be immediately removed from consideration. Use the Microsoft Word spell check on your résumé by pressing F7 on your keyboard to start the spell check. Then, take the time and read your entire resume aloud and make sure there are no mistakes that the computer missed. Finally, have a friend read your résumé aloud to you so you can see that he understands everything you wrote and does not see any typos you missed. Even if doing this proofreading can take 30 minutes or even a few hours of your time, isn’t that worth getting the job you went to school for years to get?

Do not assume that because you have a degree that you will get an interview and get the job. You may have been taught in school that a nurse “will never be without a job” but in reality you must write a good resume to get an interview and land a job. There are thousands of unemployed registered nurses in the United States. Your résumé will be the only thing the recruiter sees, not your skill or your passion. Make your résumé count.

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