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"I have worked with Pinnacle Rehab for the past 8 months. During that time they have provided our organization with well qualified and professional staff. Pinnacle has demonstrated a good awareness of our needs and has been very helpful in the pursuit of personnel. Deirdre Donnelly has consistently demonstrated a high level of professionalism and competency on her own part and it shows throughout her organization. I would recommend both her and her company."
L.H., HealthPro Management


Recruiting and hiring

Let us rehab your staffing scene. Our service helps you to procure qualified candidates that fit your specifications. We specialize in recruiting and hiring of healthcare professionals into permanent positions. We can help with all of your recruiting functions including finding candidates, gathering resumes, getting information and questions answered for both parties, coordinating interviews, assisting with negotiating rates and terms, checking references, helping with paperwork, getting the candidate through the hire process, and any other steps that you would find helpful. This applies to everything from physical therapy jobs to home health RN jobs to Chiropractors and Dentists. We staff for Connecticut down to Florida, across the US to California, and everything in between.

Creating the perfect complement
Feel free to be specific with what you are looking for in a candidate. Our goal is to bring our clients closer to their ideal employment scene. We do this by finding out the ideal for both our candidates and clients and then matching up candidates and employers that are the perfect complement to each other’s needs and wants. We only place candidates in positions that are mutually beneficial to both the client and candidate. Due to this diligence and care, we have a 95% placement success rate.

Providing support
While most staffing companies charge 10-15% of salary, which works out to 10-12K per placement, we charge a low flat fee that is based off of the time and resources that are typically needed to find each candidate type.

Employers Permanent Placement FAQ

What are your permanent placement rates?
Because we are owned and operated by medical professionals, we understand the fine line that healthcare employers have to walk in order to be profitable.  Therefore, we have created an efficient company that is thriving despite offering some of the lowest rates in the country for both services.  Because we attract high quality therapists by word of mouth, we do not need to charge the unreasonable rates that other staffing agencies do. We charge a low flat rate for each discipline– one rate for therapists and a separate one for nurses and other disciplines.  To request a quote, please send an email to Emily Carra at
What if the candidate doesn’t stay with us or we decide they are not the right fit?
If any candidate does not last for 30 days for any reason whether their choice or the employer’s, we will procure another candidate for you at no extra cost.
What is my commitment if I sign a contract with Pinnacle?
There is no commitment to use our service if you sign the contract, you are just giving us permission to search for candidates on your behalf as well as agreeing to the price schedule should you hire any candidates that we find.  Please feel free to speak with us–  Call Emily Carra at  1-800-939-8341 ext. 704 or email Emily at