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"I would definitely recommend Pinnacle Rehab Staffing because they made the process simple for me. It is a great service for a therapist looking for a change that is not really aware of what opportunities are out there. It was also great to have someone knowledgeable about salary, companies, hours, and expectations of productivity, as this was all new to me."
B. Heller, OTR


What would your ideal employment scene look like?

Could you be happier in your current position? Work is seven tenths of one’s life. You should have a happy work life. Our goal is to help you find your ideal scene. Whether that is a permanent position closer to home, a job that you can flex your hours to meet your family’s needs, or an exciting new setting. When it comes to having the resources and care factor to find a job that fits your life- we are at the pinnacle.

Most therapists never find the time to explore all of what is available. Searching for open positions can be a hassle; and to thoroughly compare and contrast offers often requires going on a ton of interviews. Pinnacle Rehab Staffing does the work for you. We scout out the complete list of openings that fit your specifications and provide you with a profile of each company including the mission, setting, benefits, and pay scale, to help you find your top choices. We help you to avoid missing out on open positions or spending time interviewing just to discover that a position is not what you seek. But more importantly, we focus on finding your ideal scene.

The features and benefits of using our permanent placement service:

  • We do the searching for you, which saves you a lot of time and hassle.
  • We provide a wide range of employers to choose from, as we have made it our goal to have relationships with all the employers in each setting.
  • We find all the jobs that are open so that you don’t miss any opportunity. We have an extensive network of employers that we are constantly communicating with to keep track of what openings there are and where. When you call us, we can tell you instantly what openings there are in your area and give you a rundown of the positions. We will also call around to find positions that fit your specific criteria.
  • We provide a profile on each company with an opening that fits your needs and wants, including general information, salary range, benefits, flexibility, productivity requirement, how they operate, what their focus and priorities are regarding patient care as well as the bottom line, and reviews of the companies given by other therapists. We can also obtain the answers to your specific questions. You can use this valuable knowledge to screen the companies before interviewing and pick to interview only with those companies that already look like a good match for you.
  • We help you negotiate. Negotiating can be uncomfortable, difficult, and intimidating. We function as the middle man between you and the employer to help you to obtain your desired salary, benefits, and other points on your needs and wants list.
  • We do all the daytime calling and coordinating of interviews so that you can work.

Our vectors are aligned- we win when you win. Find that position that is just right. Call us today at: 1-800-939-8341 or click below to start creating your ideal scene!

How It Works

You complete an Ideal Scene Questionnaire and upload your resume.

Fill out a questionnaire that gives us a detailed picture of your IDEAL scene (hours per week, setting, distance from your house, and 15 other points with priority ratings) and upload your resume.

We find opportunities that match your ideal scene.

We have our finger on the pulse of the industry as far as staffing needs. We match your ideal scene to employment opportunities by consulting our list of open positions as well as performing a search using your specific preferences.

You pick who to interview with.

We provide you with profiles on each of the companies with openings that match your ideal scene. The profile includes information like their mission, how they operate, productivity, pay scale, benefits, and reviews by other therapists.

We help you to set up interviews.

Then we facilitate the process to get interviews set up during the times that are most convenient for you with the companies of your choosing.

We help you to negotiate.

We are skilled in the art of negotiation, we know your preferences, and we know the comparison of what each company is offering, therefore we are equipped with all the elements necessary to help you to obtain the best offer for your skill. We can be the third party who orchestrates the competition for you!