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"My recruiter was a terrific professional and emotional support during the ups and downs of job hunting. She listened to what I was looking for and sent me on relevant, appropriate interviews. What I liked about the service was the fact that they LISTENED and were REALLY interested in helping!! I would absolutely recommend them because when you are job hunting, it is important to have someone to actually listen to your needs and take the time to work with you on the things you are looking for."
M. Zmijewski Collins, RPT


Achieve your Ideal Scene

Pinnacle can help you work out a position if you are interested in doing travel PT jobs, temp physical therapist jobs in CT or in-state assignments anywhere along the eastern seaboard, rather than a permanent placement position. This not only applies to PTs, it applies to occupational therapists, nursing supervisors for skilled nursing facilities and a host of other skilled positions we fill. We do placements in Worchester, MA – in fact, all of New England, and right on down to Florida.

How it works:

  • We structure our placements so that we can take a lesser cut and negotiate a higher rate of pay for you instead. If you are willing to take care of your housing and other arrangements, we can guarantee you a pay range from $50-$55/hr. If this sounds like an arrangement that would interest you, please fill out the ideal scene questionnaire and we will give you a call with the opportunities that fit your desires.


Like traveler pay but would prefer stability?

We consistently help medical professionals to locate high paying permanent positions. You just have to know which companies are willing to pay what their staff are worth – and we know. Fill out our Ideal Scene Questionnaire and indicate your salary requirement. Or learn more about permanent placement.