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How to Ace Your Physical Therapist Job Interview

Nailing a job interview takes preparation and practice, and landing a physical therapist job requires a little extra work. You’ll need to be prepared to answer industry-specific questions, so be sure you are ready to face whatever the interviewer sends your way. Here are some quick and easy tips to help you get your dream job as a physical therapist.

Arrive Early and Prepared

Have your paperwork filled out and ready if an application is required. You’ll also want to bring along work references or any other documents that might put you ahead of the competition. Be sure to arrive 15 minutes early for your interview. This will show that you are responsible, and it will give you a bit of time to familiarize yourself with the surroundings of the office.

Have Work Examples Ready

You’ll likely be asked questions about any difficult cases you’ve faced in the past. Be prepared to talk about different experiences you’ve had in your previous physical therapy jobs. If you are applying after graduation, you can discuss case studies and experiences you had during your internships to help the interviewer get a better understanding of your talent and experience.

Stay Friendly

Job interviews can be stressful, but staying positive and upbeat can go a long way. Smile, make eye contact, and maintain a friendly disposition throughout the interview. The person interviewing you will take note of your ability to stay calm and kind under pressure. These are key attributes needed to be a successful physical therapist, and your interviewer will be looking to see if you can remain friendly even when answering tough questions.

Talk About Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Interviewers love to ask these questions, so be prepared with answers ahead of time. Coming up with strengths is easy, but identifying your weaknesses can be trickier. You should be genuine, so don’t respond with something like, "my biggest weakness is that I care too much." Be honest. Is there a certain type of therapy you struggle with? Talk about it and the steps you are taking to become better at it.

When looking for a physical therapist job, it’s important to stay confident and friendly, and to come prepared. While your interview will be like other interviews in many ways, you will need to have specific answers about your field and experience. Knowing how to handle these questions ahead of time will position you for success and can help you land that big job.