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Interesting Practice Settings for Physical Therapists

Physical therapists play a big role in managing different conditions—patients and physicians require their help constantly. When people need a physical therapist, they want someone who is willing to take a “hands on” approach and can work efficiently in a variety of settings. Physical therapist jobs in Meriden, CT require typical tasks like observing patients and creating an action plan to diminish pain and restore functionality. However, for physical therapists who prefer a change in scenery, consider these physical therapist jobs.
Physical Therapist Practice Settings
Many physical therapists work in hospitals, but a large percentage of physical therapists practice their skills in other settings.
Private practice: This is a typical physical therapy setting. A private practice includes work in a clinic, a medical office or a health care facility. Often, these physical therapist jobs include addressing musculoskeletal and neuromuscular impairments. 
Short term acute care: In this setting the physical therapist provides hospital patients with short-term acute care for illnesses, surgery recovery, and trauma. For this PT, the goal is to stabilize the patient for safe discharge.
Extended care:  With extended care, a physical therapist gives individuals admitted to a medical facility long term care. This usually includes elderly patients and other long term care situations.
School practice: Some therapist jobs are set in an education setting, including high school, preschools and vocational schools.
Sports fitness: Many physical therapist jobs in Meriden, CT have an emphasis on sports fitness. Sometimes these jobs are in fitness centers and sports training facilities. The physical therapist can also find jobs that support healthy lifestyle programs. This kind of position places the focus on prevention.
Hospice care: A physical therapist in this setting cares for patients who are in the final phases of an incurable disease or condition. The therapist’s job includes helping the patient preserve functional abilities.  
Occupational and workplace environments: Here, the therapist’s goal is to help clients regain mobility and strength so that they may return to work. They may also assist in promoting workplace health and a healthy lifestyle for employees.
Research work:  A professional physical therapist conducts and assists with research to improve patient care results and verifies the body of knowledge in the physical therapy field.
Physical therapist positions come in a wide variety of settings.  When looking for a change of scenery or wanting to practice in a new and exciting way, consider one of these interesting work environments.