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Physical Therapy Traveling Jobs: The Way to Go?

Gone are the days when most rehabilitation was done in a hospital setting, working with patients before discharge. While there is still a huge need for hospital staff, there is another opportunity many are taking advantage of — physical therapy traveling jobs.
Due to the nature of today’s economy, many hospitals, clinics, businesses, schools, and private care facilities do not have in-house rehab staff. They depend on therapists, nurses and technicians who make the rounds, visiting at scheduled times. They pay well for it, too.

Other facilities need part-time replacements for staff who are on vacation, medical leave, or some other assignment. They count on hiring temporary replacements who can travel to a new location, and jump right in and contribute their skills. They value this vital assistance, and also pay well.

The ideal candidate for such a job will be flexible and willing to learn new routines. They will enjoy working with patients from a variety of locations. They may want to enhance their experience to build a resume, or they may be an older candidate, near retirement, who knows they can contribute anywhere, because they’ve seen it all.
For those who haven’t seen it all, the lure of experiencing new areas of the country and working in new environments is a big draw.

Assignments are available in diverse settings. It is possible to do the rounds of private care in patients’ homes. It is also possible to fill a challenging niche in a prestigious hospital, working with renowned teams.

New graduates can take to the road and use the experience to discover their own strengths and preferences. Seasoned veterans can concentrate on what they love most, or expand their skill set, perhaps charting a career in management.
It is an ideal lifestyle for some, and more are learning about the advantages and opportunities. Benefits vary, job by job. A willingness to travel is a valuable qualification, and employers pay accordingly.

If traveling is not the ideal lifestyle, it can still lead to that ideal job. Even those who do not yet know where they would most enjoy working or what specialty to emphasize in their career can benefit. What better way than experiencing a variety of locations and work conditions to learn first-hand what you love to do, and what factors you definitely don’t want to include in your working life?

So, “Have Skills, Will Travel,” just may be the way to go.