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Places to work as a physical therapist

After graduating as a Physical Therapist (PT) there is no doubt that you know about the human body and how to rehabilitate people. The problem now is finding the right place where to work. There are many potentialities each with their own pros and cons. There is no magical “best” place to work as a PT because it all depends on what is best suited for you.

One person may say that the best place to work is in a private hospital because of the steady and stable work. Another person may say that the best place to work is in your own practice because there can be a much higher salary. The truth is they are both correct: that is the best place to work, but for them. You must take a look at your own interests and preferences to know where you should work.

For working in a hospital you should be in favor or western medicine and other practices of hospitals because you will be in that environment for extended periods of time and will witness many things that happen in your hospital. The hospital will also benefit from your services. In this setting, the chances are that you will work with people in long-term rehabilitation such as amputees and this cannot be a problem for you if you want to work in a hospital. This setting can be very rewarding because you can completely rehabilitate patients who previously thought their lives were over.

For working in a fitness center you must be ready to work with injured athletes that can sometimes be rambunctious. You will generally have younger patients/clients than in a hospital setting and you must know how to make the therapy fun and learn to laugh with your patients. Your job security may lie in how many athletes at the fitness center go and see you for therapy regularly. This kind of work can also be very rewarding because you will put these athletes back on their feet, moving again and doing what they love. This is a faster-paced setting than at a hospital.

For working in a clinic you should expect to have the same kinds of duties as in a hospital such as dealing with critically injured patients but in a smaller setting. You do have the benefit of choosing different kinds of clinics, you can consider working at a holistic health or a natural medicine clinic if you are opposed to modern western medicine practices. One of the benefits of working at both a hospital or a clinic is that all of your marketing is done for you and you only have to show up and do your work.

For working in individual homes you must be ready to deal with patients who simply say “I’m in pain.” You must have the skill to diagnose and help them by yourself. Your ability to make a good impression on that person with good service and good manners can get you referrals by word-of-mouth. In this setting you must be aware that you will need to create your future work, it will not just be given to you.

A good trick to use in deciding where you want to work is asking yourself “What would I feel like working in that environment every working day of the week, every single week?” if you don’t like the idea, you should consider your other options. But if you do like the idea, make sure to write your resume and apply without delay.