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Physical Therapist Jobs in Tampa, Florida

Ranked by Forbes as the 5th best outdoor US city, physical therapist jobs in Tampa, FL are varied and plentiful. While there is a competitive marketplace concerning this type of healthcare job, qualified candidates can find exciting work in southern Florida. Salaries range depending on certification levels and experience.

Typical Responsibilities of Physical Therapist Jobs

When applying for employment at a physical therapist job in Tampa, FL, applicants may be required to fulfill these responsibilities.

  • Evaluating the needs of patients
  • Creating therapy plans
  • Working closely with physicians and managers
  • Supervising aides
  • Familiarity with standards and procedures


In the role of a physical therapist, the employee analyzes and cares for people of all ages with medical problems and conditions. A therapist evaluates, diagnoses dysfunction and determines interventions for patient treatment.  Sometimes the work can be physically demanding but it is also very satisfying for dedicated therapists.
You Can Make a Difference
As a physical therapist, the worker sees patients one on one and can monitor them through the entire course of treatment. Whether the patient’s problem is a result of an injury, accident or disease, the therapist is a rehab specialist who’s chief task is to assist the patient’s return to functionality. Therapists often work with patients to reverse mobility loss and develop a fitness program for a healthier lifestyle.
Become a Movement Expert
Physical therapist positions give the rehab specialist an opportunity to put what they’ve learned to the test. As educated experts in the functioning and mobility of the human body, this type of role gives the applicant occasions to review what they have learned.  Physical therapy is a crucial component of client care. From mobilization therapy to electrotherapy, the physical therapist in Tampa, FL has many therapy treatments available for use in patient care.
Get Excited About Work
Of course, helping people is its own reward, watching a client walk again or enjoy life because of greater mobility is just a few reasons to love a Tampa physical therapy job. This type of position has the potential to offer a high level of personal satisfaction. According to recent polling, a physical therapist job is one of the most rewarding, at least according to the people polled.

A physical therapist in Tampa, FL has the opportunity to work with people of all ages and in a wide range of work environments including schools, private practices and fitness centers. Start today and begin the search for a new and exciting career.